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Stoned, Stupid & Stuck (A Californian Fairytale)

August 2-24, 2019 

by Frankie Regalia

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

After a US tour and a run at the Brighton Fringe, Frankie Regalia's debut play is headed to Edinburgh Fringe. Find it at Greenside Infirmary Street every day at 23:15. 

The plan was simple: steal the drugs, sell the drugs and get out of town. Sequoyah and Rose are tired of living second-rate lives in the watered-down ghost town they call home. Following the guidance of the mysterious (and possibly hallucinated) Chicken Lady, our heroes come face-to-face with talking animals, a murderous hermit and their bleak futures. This stoner comedy begs the big questions: can you ever truly escape your hometown? Are drugs the answer to our problems, or the cause? Where do guinea pigs come from?