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Stephanie Neuerburg, Bushel/Barrel/Tun

Our success at Edinburgh Festival Fringe would not have been possible without Sweaty Palms Productions! Their experienced crew did the lighting and sound design, as well as programmed and operated the lights and sound for 35 performances across 3 venues. We were so lucky to have their hard work, expertise, and sense of humor throughout our rehearsals & performances. 


Marysa Finnie, 

Superglue Assembly Line

Sweaty Palms is the epitome of hard-working dudes who will tech the hell out of your show in a moment's notice. The last-minute help they gave us for Mexico: A Love Story was legendary as Frankie teched our entire show free hand. Gritty as fuck. ​


Scott Lyons, 

Stay Up Late

Sweaty Palms directed and teched our scratch presentation of Jonjo & Mícheal at The Bunker Theatre in London. Throughout the process, they were extraordinarily reliable and dedicated to working with us in order to optimise the performance to its best. One of their many strengths lies in their ability to creatively solve difficult problems and tricky situations under extreme time pressures, which is exactly what you want from your tech team.​


Aaron Dart, 

Full Pelt Theatre

The reason we love working with Sweaty Palms is because they know what they are doing, simple. Before Edinburgh (2017) they had already designed the lights so when getting in the space was easy to tech. We are lucky to have found people we love working with and Ryan's beard is always there to stroke if you feel stressed. 


George Siena, 

Esprit de Corps

Sweaty Palms took over all the technical aspects of my show, from props to projection. They ran sound, light and video with great coolness and professionalism. My experience of the Fringe wouldn't have been the same without these sharp and trustful problem-solvers​.

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Trace Dann, 

Captain Crankypants

Thank you so much for providing technical support during my run at the Edinburgh Fringe. I was very impressed by you and your team’s professionalism and dedication to the task. Without your help the show would not have been the success it was.


Jack Fairey, 

Bedivere Arts Company

Working alongside Sweaty Palms productions has been an absolute pleasure. Swift and transparent in their communications, professional and skilled in their technical work, and just generally one of the loveliest groups of people we've had the pleasure to meet, we will definitely be working with them again in the future. Our technician became not only a valuable member of our team for the run of the Fringe, but also somebody who we genuinely looked forward to seeing every day. If you're looking for somebody to work with on your production, hire Sweaty Palms - we cannot recommend them enough!


Charlotte Ellen, 


When we found ourselves looking for someone to operate our show in Edinburgh we chose Sweaty Palms because of their commitment to embracing ambitious tech and offering options to small companies that still wanted to make quality theatre (that's us!). Slick, professional and friendly they did not disappoint, immediately 'got' what we were doing with the show and threw themselves behind the vision, becoming a solid part of our team for the run it was hard to believe we'd only known them a couple of weeks. We loved working with them and would do it again in an instant, or next year, whichever happens first


Ronan Radin, 

ACIDflashback Productions

Having Lauren and Frankie from Sweaty Palms as part of our show this Fringe was a brilliant experience. Both of them brought a beautiful and calming energy to the team and they operated and looked after all our tech with professionalism at all time. They problem solved, used initiative and were always there to support all aspects of the production. I wouldn’t think twice about getting them involved in any of our future projects- they are skilled, professional and lovely humans. 


Julia Bentley, 

Man Number 5

After working with Sweaty Palms Productions at Aunt Flow’s Fight Club I knew immediately that I wanted them to be my technicians at The Edinburgh Fringe! As a one-woman show and as a first-time fringe go-er, Sweaty Palms put me at ease instantly, tech ran so smoothly, gave advice that brought my show to life - I cannot thank them enough for all the support, laughs and dedication. I can’t wait to work with them again!


Lila Palmer, 

Palmer & Hall Music

Helen worked on our desk cueing our electronic orchestra from a score with live singers. She was professional, always timely, calm, positive, and continuously supportive and self aware in the room. Her extra skills as a performer and director gave her a sensitivity and awareness that was a huge asset. Her team player attitude contributed massively to the cohesion and smooth running of the technical team and complex aspects of the show. A real star. I’d hire her again in a heartbeat.


Eloise Poulton, 

Untoward Productions

Sweaty Palms are a joy to work with. Professional, respectful and with so much love and passion for what they do. Ryan became part of our team, for sure!