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Our Mission

Sweaty Palms Productions was founded as a vehicle for a diverse group of struggling emerging artists to get their voices heard. Sweaty Palms is a group of theatre practitioners and performance artists defined by our international points of view; hailing from Lebanon, Russia, Brazil, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Italy. Our work is socially and politically aware, striving to question the status quo and spark passionate conversation in our audiences. Sweaty Palms is an artistically cooperative company that operates by sharing tools and teaching skills amongst one another, with each company member bringing new strengths to the collective.


Semi-Qualified and Never Satisfied

Our Company Members


Sari Chreiteh

Aristic Director

Sari is the owner of the World Famous Talking Mustache.  As a young boy he sold his family camel for a handful of magic beans, only to discover that they were just painted rocks.

Kalyl Kadri

Associate Director

Kalyl has gone through several identity crises and, as a result, believes he is an Arabian princess.  He is currently taking submissions for his Prince Charming: must be over 6 foot, have a beard, and possess the strength of 10 regular men.

Ryan Lester

Associate Director

Ryan graduated Clown College and was voted "Least Funny" by his peers.  He currently lives in a giant shoe afloat on the Thames. When he isn't working on a better mouse-trap, Ryan enjoys nothing.

Frankie Regalia

Associate Director

Frankie once lived wild and free in the forests of Northern California.  She was kidnapped by pirates and sold to Sweaty Palms Productions for three pence and a button, where they put her to work as a typist and token woman.

You can find out more about Frankie at frankieregalia.com