Written by Frankie Regalia

Directed by Ryan Lester

This absurd and female-driven comedy explores drug culture, youth, and the blurred line between addiction and survival.

20/4/19 - Eagles Hall, California
23-25/4/19 - Oregon Fringe Festival
22-25/5/19 - Brighton Fringe Festival
30/6/19 - Centre17, London
2-24/8/19 - Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Written by Steve Yockey

Directed by Kalyl Kadri

Bellwether, a nice, safe place to live in. That was until six-year-old Amy Draft went missing. The young girl’s disappearance is not what it seems, and is only a glimpse of what lurks below the community’s perfection. 

18 & 20/7/18 - Stockwell Playhouse, London

Written by Bertolt Brecht

Adapted by the company

Directed by Sari Chreiteh

As Smith continues to sell iron to the mysterious Customer in return for pleasant perks and goods, his friends and neighbors are slowly killed off until he is the last man standing in the ruin.

22-25/11/17 - Theatre N16

Produced by Helen Potter & Frankie Regalia

A night of female-lead, female-inspired, and female-fraught comedy and theatre. There's only one rule of Aunt Flow's Fight Club: Anyone that identifies as femme, is femme.

7/4/19 - Mirth Marvel & Maud, London

Produced by Frankie Regalia

5 of the best and brightest emerging theatre companies (and one very special musical guest) are coming together for one night! Featuring 6 short work-in-progress pieces and musical interludes, Scratch A Little Higher is sure to be the theatrical event of the year!

18/4/18 - the Space Theatre

Kalyl Kadri and Frankie Regalia performed as part of an immersive Halloween even at Hornsey Town Hall.  They designed and created their own characters and, over the course of the weekend, scared over 1000 people. 

27-28/10/17 - Hornsey Town Hall

Produced by Kalyl Kadri

Frankie Regalia and Kalyl Kadri run an in-depth mask-making and performance workshop for the Lost Village Festival. Participants create individual masks and are instructed on various forms of mask traditions and performance styles; such as Balinese mask practices and classic Commedia del'Arte. 

24-26/8/18 - Lost Village Festival

Written by Eric Kaiser

Directed by Kalyl Kadri

In ‘The Weed Dreams’, the audience gathers to praise the newly appointed Great Leader at his inauguration ceremony. In ‘Sustained’, a man and a woman wake up on a kitchen table. They don’t know each other, or themselves. 

10 & 12/4/18 - Bread & Roses Theatre

Written by Samuel Beckett

Directed by Sari Chreiteh

The piece revolves around four, haggard-looking individuals waiting for something. It is a piece of site-specific performance in which nothing really happens dramatically or intellectually.

3-7/4/17 - Kensington Gardens

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